Philozophy by TEXPOL

The spirit which has invariably inspired and characterised the Company’s activity has been a constant search for Total Quality..

This was possible thanks to an accurate selection of raw materials, the use of advanced technology, in-house organizational efficiency, and the complete service offered to the customers.

Alongside with the sales of sawn and semi-finished products from various European and exotic wood sorts, the Company’s industrial production includes a wide range of items, all of which are manufactured with a sophisticated technology based on gluing pre-selected, accurately dried solid-wood elements.


These products stand out for their high stability, as the timber they are made of is previously dried in electronically-controlled furnaces, as well as for their high resistance, thanks to the gluing systems employed. These comply with the relevant European standards, thus guaranteeing maximum use safety, both indoors and outdoors. 

The Company’s direct contact with wood, with the technology needed to process it, to make it stable, and to enhance its qualities, represent the most important hallmark of Texpol. Quality is the starting point for an organization which has always been innovation-oriented, in all sectors of its activity


This has always been true for research, for instance, where technical experts and designers are involved in a constant search for the best raw materials, with a view to continuously perfecting manufacturing techniques in order to identify - in close cooperation with major designers - increasingly reliable and original solutions to offer customers solid-wood products in line with the latest developments in each sector.

The ever-increasing demand for the Company’s products in various markets testifies to the reliability offered by Texpol’s production technology even to the most selective buyers in Europe.

Texpol’s strength is further supported by the company’s storage capacity, as well as its efficiency in managing orders and deliveries – a fundamental asset for customers looking for a supplier able to offer both excellent products and extremely high levels of service.

Thanks to the constant upgrading of its plants and equipment, Texpol can rely on facilities able to produce finished items consistently meeting the relevant standards, in compliance with the requirements and demands of the most important domestic and international customers.