The firm - our "know how"

Dominant features and haracteristics of TEXPOL's product.

Stability, durability and beauty: Texpol’s technical expertise coupled with a modern gluing techniques and the use of high quality timbers produces a panel of outstanding stability, durability and very easy to work.

Extreme high quality: only first class rough materials (natural wood) are chosen and utilised; about 70% of raw materials come from Texpol managed source.

Wide production range: Texpol’s market leadership is based on its large production capacity covering 100% possible market shape requirements.

The customer's merit to procure our product.

Large stock availability: about 50% of sold products have a delivery time less then 3 weeks.

Flexibility to the end users requirements: special projects can be managed easily in reduced lead times.

Excellent customer service: our network distribution adopt a brand strategy and both the head office and our local retailers take care of our customers.

Adaptation of our product range to fulfil special/ local requirements both in terms of shaping and in terms of raw materials selection.