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Solid wood lamellar

The laminated panel made of natural solid wood is influenced by the environment in which it is located. It has to be kept in mind that it is adversely affected by climatic conditions such as moisture and heat. It is thus recommended to:

  • to store the panels in a dry and non-ventilated place,
  • to lay the panels using the expansion joints which will allow for the adjustment of environmental elements on the entire surface of the panel, also during processing,
  • to lay the panel without using rigid interlocking systems and thus avoiding cracks and swelling: depending on the environmental factors the panels must be able to increase or decrease their volume freely (panels in a dry environment reduce their volume, in a wet one they increase),
  • check the production date on the side of the panel (e. g. 2721 = 27th week of the year 21) in order to avoid the he inconvenience typical for fresh wood that is not yet completely stabilized,
  • leave the wood at the place of destination for at least a few weeks.

Technical characteristics of a laminated panel made of natural solid wood, moisture content 10 12%. Bonding according to EN/204 D3 standard.

Underneath the pictures:
keep away from heat sources
avoid exposure to the sun and rain
use L profiles with oval holes, which will facilitate the arrangement of panels